Hi, I’m Wiras Adi. I’m a web developer living in Jakarta, Indonesia. I’ve been doing web application development for about 8 years now, using a wide range of different technologies and platforms.

My fluency and expertise are mainly in the area of server-side programming with PHP, ASP, ASP.NET with C#, Ruby on Rails, and a bit of Java and JSP. I have also a fair knowledge about many web standards, technologies and specifications such as (X)HTML, CSS, DHTML with JavaScript, AJAX, mobile web, etc.

I’m familiar in doing application development and deployment under Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms. And also able to use common tools available to do some basic system and network administrations in both platforms.

I have a strong passion towards music, (almost) any kind of music, especially when it comes to Rock and Metal music. I listen to many diferent genres of rock and metal like 70s hard rock, art rock, progressive, psychedelic, ballad, heavy metal, thrash, neo classical, and even death metal. My all time favorite musicians are Rick Wakeman, Led-Zeppelin, and Sarah Mclachlan (she’s exceptional). At a lesser degree I also like Yngwie Malmsteen, Dream Theater, Kataklysm, Metallica, Into Eternity, and so many more.

Books, are another interest I fall into. I like reading, again, (almost) any kind of books. Besides being a fan of JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth saga and high fantasy stories such as The Ramayana and Mahabharata epics, I also interested in historical/biography books.


For a quick correspondence you’re welcome to write email to me, I can be reached at wiras@slepi.net. I make an effort to reply every email sent directly to me. And if you find interesting posts here then feel free to leave comments (if provided), I’ll do what I can to respond and answer to any questions.

You may want to check out the Contact page for more information.

About Slepi.NET

There are several things I want to accomplish with Slepi.NET. First and foremost is that I want it to serve as my professional life journal. Thus it’s mainly about coding and design issues in the context of web application development, which I might encounter in my professional life as a web developer. In doing so, I wish it can be a kind of resource to others.

The site also serves as a holder for my professional portfolio, the archive of projects I’m currently doing or have done in the past.

Secondly, I want it also to be a place where I can express my thoughts and opinions about anything I find interesting and worthy to be published here. As aforementioned, it will likely be about music and books. Most of them will be in the form of review.

In case you would like to quote, cite, or refer to anything I’ve written here please refer to the Copyright and License section of this document for information on fair use and copyright. And I’d appreciate if you like to provide a link (even better a trackback if provided) to the post here that you have cited.


I build Slepi.NET using the excellent WordPress blogging engine. Actually this current version of the site is a replacement of the previous self-built publishing engine I made with Ruby on Rails. Unfortunately due to my daily activities I can’t continue developing that particular engine. And since I need a more advanced tool, I decided to migrate to WordPress.

Nothing special in the visual design though, except perhaps that I made it compliant to the strict XHTML 1.0 markup standards. Slepi.NET was baked on my XP-powered NEC Versa S3200 laptop, using Eclipse. I also use the remarkable jQuery JavaScript Library as part of the user interface to make those nice-looking animations.

Finally, I picked HostGator as the hoster-of-choice for my Slepi.NET. They’re doing their business greatly in my opinion. And their customer service officers have been very friendly and responsive. Good job!

Copyright and License

I retain all copyrights to everything exists on Slepi.NET, unless otherwise noted. That includes the visual design and layout, codes, and all contents on Slepi.NET.

Contents and codes published within a blog post/entry, unless otherwise noted, are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License, please refer to the Legal Code for more detailed information.

Visual design and layout (including the HTML and CSS codes) may not be reused without permission.